Update on the Poseidon Project’s Proposed Mitigation
By Shirley Dettloff

If Poseidon’s project is approved, the Amigos de Bolsa Chica have always insisted that the mitigation for the desalination project be done at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Normally, all projects have a mitigation requirement and because of the size of the Poseidon project, the Amigos feel it is important to make sure the mitigation credits are not used for restoration efforts miles away from Huntinton Beach. While the Amigos remain neutral on the desalination project itself, we want to keep our readers informed of new additions to the mitigation requirements designed to benefit the Bolsa Chica:

  1. A major requirement is that Poseidon will be responsible for maintaining the Ecological Reserve’s tidal inlet within 12 months after securing construction financing. This means advancing financing prior to facility operations rather than after the plant is built as previously conditioned, and it also means advancing Poseidon’s financial obligation by a minimum of four years and saving the state almost $10 million.
  2. Making improvements to the water flow in the Muted Tidal Basins.
  3. Restoration of a part of the Muted Tidal Basin often known as the Fieldstone property.
  4. Restoration of the Cordgrass shelf in the Full Tidal Basin.
  5. Creation of an artificial reef off the Palos Verde peninsula.

Again, all of these efforts are contingent upon various county and state agencies approvals of the project, and the Amigos will report on any updates.