Virtual Wetland Tour Now Available
By Thomas Anderson

The Amigos de Bolsa Chica’s Virtual Wetland Tour video and lesson plans are now available for educators and anyone wanting a distillation of our regular public and private wetland tour, and can be found at: Of course nothing ever can or will replace the 3-dimensional experience of our Naturalist-guided tours, but this video covers all of the most important things to know about the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve’s ecology, birds, endangered species, plants, and aquatic creatures. The video contains many of the same Next Generation Science Standards talking points as an in-person tour, which allows educators to use the lesson plans with the video for any classroom needs. As a companion piece to the Virtual Tour, lesson plans are also now available for our Saving the Bolsa Chica Wetlands documentary: This, too, allows educators or anyone who is interested to learn about the decades-long struggle to preserve the Bolsa Chica from waterfront development and restore it to the thriving ecosystem it is today.