Thank You to Our Generous Supporters

We have had excellent response to our year-end appeal letter, and as of December 18, we want to say thank you to the following supporters who wish to be recognized in the Tern Tide:

Al Vari, Bob Mandic, Terry & John Hill, Ed Zschoche, Bob Hogan, Trude Hurd, Ed Harnby, Thelma Teitel, Lawrence Parmeter, RHS Enterprises, Terri Taylor, Maria Buhbe, Florence Purdy, Sheila Harlow, Susan Hardgrave, Emily Renzel, Thomas Anderson, Dr. Melvyn & Patricia Sterling, Vic Leipzig, Brian Brady, Nancy Boyd-Batstone, Peter Knapp, Thomas Greeley, Winona Gustafson, Mike & Barbara Sentovich, Marilyn Rowe and Jerry and Lori Donohue.

Thank you - the Amigos de Bolsa Chica cannot continue with out you!