President's Tern
2019 Volunteer Accomplishments and Appreciation
By Charles Falzon

It is my pleasure to use this column to thank 2019’s dedicated volunteers and to tell you the numbers of participants in our tours, bird walks and FLOW classes. I’m also including all the offsite venues we participated in, as well as several presentations that originated with the Amigos. This list of accomplishments creates an impressive picture of the Amigos de Bolsa Chica’s education and outreach work. And it could not have been achieved without donations from our members, some small grants, and our incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. Thank you ALL for your time and amazing efforts!

109 visitors participated in our first Saturday of the month public tours. Three months were cancelled due to rain. Thank you to the following Naturalists who assisted on Saturdays: Jim Robins, Elissa Warantz, Bill Stern, Kim DiPasquale, Nancy Boyd-Batstone, Jennifer Robins, Terry Jorris, Barbara Felberg-Jackson, Sharon Von Dollen, Chuck Drescher, Cat Navetta, Bob Johnson, Karen Belville, Linda Fillet, and David Lasky.

57 visitors participated in our last Saturday of the month Bird Walks. Thank you to Terry Hill who led the walks each month (no rainouts!).

For private, scheduled tours for school and scouts, we had 14 tours serving a total of 428 participants. Volunteer Naturalists who led these groups were Al Vari, Kim DiPasquale, Terry Jorris, Barbara Stewart, Jim Robins, Nancy Curtis, Jerry Donohue, Chuck Drescher, Vic Liepzig, Nancy Boyd-Batstone, Terry Hill, Karen Belville, Sharon Von Dollen, Ron Davis, Jennifer Robins, Susan Hardgrave, Linda Fillet, and Daniel Fillet.

406 students from nine elementary school through community college classes participated in FLOW Field Trips. The Citizen Scientists who assisted with these Field Trips were Jerry Donohue, Bill Stern, Nancy Curtis, Jennifer Robins, Annie Daw, Kim DiPasquale, Judy Huck, Kyoko Kremp, Linda Fillet, Cat Navetta, Jack Scully, Daniel Fillet, Roman Garcia, Jim Robins, Chuck Drescher, Terry Jorris, Kacey Chea and Gigi Harvey. Those who turned out on Fridays to collect and analyze water samples were Morgan Haberlin, Michelle Gonzalez, Carli Dobbins, Emma Leigh Brown, Penelope Guzman, Alastair Lunt, Patricia LaVoie, Cassandra Lacey, Dario Boneda, Amber Davis, Hong Seo, Eugene Seo, Armin Kalalang, Kaleigh Holguin, Angelica Straus, Elena Pagter, Justin Stanphill, Justin Tang, Chris Akana, Jena Jimenez, Savannah Rhodes, Maya Lamperts, and Nadia Bonkris.

Goldenwest College Science NightGoldenwest College’s annual Science Night is one of
several local community events to which the Amigos take a
portable version of the FLOW Program and it is always popular.
Photos by Daryth Morrissey.
The Amigos also participated in various community events and produced several educational events with the following volunteers:

  • Amigos Naturalist Class: Presenters and facilitators were Brian Westcott, Bill Stern, Kelly O’Reilly, Kim Dipasquale, Elissa Warantz, Jim Robins, Matthew Teutimez, Jerry Donohue, Dr. Vic Leipzig, Jennifer Robins, Jill Lemon and Thomas Anderson.
  • Bolsa Chica Earth Day: Kim DiPasquale, Chuck Drescher, Cat Navetta, Bill Stern, Tom Pfeifer, Zion Pfeifer, Daryth Morrissey, Jim Robins, Jennifer Robins, Judy Huck, Cory Butler and Tom Pfeifer’s environmental studies students.
  • Earth Day at Golden West College: Jim and Jennifer Robins.
  • Fountain Valley High School STEAM Fair: Tom Pfeifer, Nancy Curtis, Monica Gonzalez, Linda Fillet, Daniel Fillet, Jerry Donohue, Jim Robins, Jennifer Robins, Zion Pfeifer, Tom Pfeifer’s environmental studies students.
  • Educator’s Day: Kim DiPasquale, Jill Lemon, Linda Fillet, Jerry Donohue, Jim and Jennifer Robins.
  • Girl Scout Conference: Jim and Jennifer Robins, Jerry Donohue and Nancy Boyd-Batstone.
  • Golden West College Science Night: Jerry Donohue, Daryth Morrissey, Jennifer Robins and Jill Lemon.
  • California Coastal Cleanup: Jim and Jennifer Robins, Nancy Boyd-Batstone, Sharon Von Dollen (and husband) and Elissa Warantz.
  • Girl Scout STEM Expo at Cal State Fullerton: Jerry Donohue and Daryth Morrisey.
  • Amigos Naturalist Nights at the State Beach Visitor Center: Kim DiPasquale, facillitator; Dr. Vic Leipzig, Dr. Christine Whitcraft and Joana Tavares, presenters.