President's Tern
2018 Amigos Numbers and Volunteer Appreciation
By Charles Falzon

It is my pleasure to use this column to thank 2018’s dedicated volunteers and to tell you the numbers of participants in our tours, bird walks, and FLOW classes. This is an impressive list of accomplishments, and it creates a full picture of the Amigos de Bolsa Chica’s education and outreach work. And it could not have been achieved without donations from our members, some small grants, and our incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. Thank you for your time and amazing efforts!

For our first Saturday of the month public tours, which had been curtailed the last months of the year due to the footbridge closure, we served 152 people. Docents for Saturdays were Jim & Jennifer Robins, Elissa Warrantz, Bill Stern, Kim DiPasquale, Bob Johnson, Barbara Felberg-Jackon, Chuck Drescher, Nancy Boyd-Baststone, Terry Jorris, Bob Johnson, Nancy Curtis, Bobbie & Gregg Placek, Terry Hill and Darla Zero.

Last Saturday of the month Bird Walks, also curtailed by the footbridge closure, had 72 participants. Birders who led those walks were Terry Hill, Karen McReynolds, Kim DiPasquale, and Vic Leipzig.

For private, scheduled tours for schools and scouts, we had 12 tours serving a total of 297 participants. Docents were Al Vari, Terry Jorris, Jerry Donohue, Nancy Curtis, Karen McReynolds, Janelle Sorenson, Susan Hardgrave, Kim DiPasquale, Barbara Stewart and Jim & Jennifer Robins.

656 students from fifth grade through community college participated in FLOW. The Citizen Scientists who assisted: Adam Babcock, Nancy Curtis, Annie Daw, Kim DiPasquale, Jerry Donohue, Chuck Drescher, Lily Falzon, Daniel Fillet, Linda Fillet, Rosy Falzon, Judy Huck, Terry Jorris, Kyoko Kremp, Tamara Mason, Michelle Miller, Jim & Jennifer Robins, Justin Stanphill, Bill Stern, Isabella Suarez and Wesley Turner.

The Amigos also participated in various community events with the following volunteers:

  • Newport Bay Conservancy World Wetlands Day: Jerry Donohue, Judy Huck, Chuck Drescher, Joana Tavares, Kim DiPasquale, and Jim & Jennifer Robins
  • Bolsa Chica Earth Day: Bill Stern, Chuck Drescher, Jerry & Lori Donohue, Jim & Jennifer Robins, Roman Garcia, Bob Johnson, Nancy Boyd-Batstone Tom Pfeifer, Zion Pfeifer and Tom Pfeifer’s environmental studies students.
  • Fountain Valley High School STEAM Fair: Jerry Donohue, Jim & Jennifer Robins, Chuck Drescher, Daryth Morrissey, Daryth’s students, Zion Pfeifer, Tom Pfeifer and Tom’s students.
  • Saving the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, Woman’s Group Presentation: Fran Pike, Jim & Jennifer Robins and Susan Hardgrave.
  • Tiger Woods International STEM Studio: Jerry Donohue, Kim DiPasquale, Daryth Morrissey, Jim & Jennifer Robins, Dan & Linda Fillet, Joana Tavares and Kyoko Kremp.
  • Girl Scout Conference: Jerry Donohue and Kim DiPasquale.
  • Golden West College Science Symposium: Jerry Donohue, Daryth Morrissey and Kyoko Kremp.
  • Saving the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, Huntington Beach Senior Center Presentation: Bill Stern, Jerry Donohue and Kim DiPasqualie.
  • California Coastal Cleanup: Kim DiPasqualie, Bob Johnson, Jim & Jennifer Robins, Tom Pfeifer and students.
  • Girl Scout STEM Expo at Cal State Fullerton: Judy Huck and Jerry Donohue.
  • UCI Climate Solutions Summit: Shirley Dettloff, Charles Falzon, Judy Huck, Jerry Donohue and Joana Tavares.
  • Christmas at the Beach: Jerry & Lori Donohue.