Volunteers Needed for BCER Maintenance Projects
By Kim DiPasquale

Interested in helping keep the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve a healthier place for its inhabitants and its visitors? Kelly O’Reilly, BCER Manager, needs help with a variety of special projects around the Reserve:

1. Trimming vegetation around the pocket marsh trail. 10-15 people are needed and the work needs to be done soon.

2. Repairing the erosion with decomposed granite at the trail head that begins on the east side of the wooden pedestrian bridge that goes up hill toward the south overlook. The DFW has enough Decomposed Granite to fill in those holes but is in need of help to transfer the DG from storage to the trail head. There may be more erosion to repair, so a donation of a delivery of DG to the South lot for this task may be needed. It would need to be coordinated to the work day. 5-10 people would be ideal for this task, and soon, before the rainy season starts.

3. Applying Thompson’s water seal to the wood rail on the pedestrian bridge. 2-3 people are needed for an October and/or November work day.

4. Weeding Nesting Sites 1, 2 and 3 prior to the 2020 nesting in the Spring. 15-25 people would be needed in January/February. Vegetation will need to be cleared from the north and south ends of Nest Site 1; the surface of Nest Site 2; and, the surface of Nest Site 3, which is used by snowy plovers. While the most efficient means of clearing are still being worked out, helpers are definitely needed to pull and remove weeds. Volunteers who help out on NS2 will need to make a short crossing in one of our canoes.

Please contact Kim DiPasquale at kimdipasquale@gmail.com to tell him which projects you are interested in and your availability.