Amigos Volunteer Achievements in 2017
By Jennifer Robins, Judith Huck and Michelle Miller

Amigos de Bolsa Chica conducted 23 free Wetland and Bird Tours with 277 visitors in 2017. Amigos also volunteered at booth events at the California Coastal Cleanup, Shipley Open House, Earth Day at the Bolsa Chica State Beach and Earth Day at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. They also volunteered at the STEM Fair at Spurgeon School, Girl Scout Annual Volunteer Conference and Goldenwest College’s Science Showtime.

Thank you to the following for volunteering for these events: David Beeninga, Nancy Boyd-Batstone, Patti Cacho-Negrete, Nancy Curtis, Kim Dipasquale, Jerry Donohue, Lori Donohue, Chuck Drescher, Barbara Felberg-Jackson, Terry Hill, Bob Johnson, Terry Jorris, Rachael Lloyd, Karen McReynolds, Bobbie Placek, Gregg Placek, Jennifer Robins, Jim Robins, Janelle Sorenson, Bill Stern, Elissa Warantz, and Brian Westcott.

Amigos de Bolsa Chica conducted six private tours for 393 children and adults. Many thanks to the following docents who lead these tours: Jerry Donohue, Chuck Drescher, Barbara Stewart, Al Vari, Terry Jorris, Jennifer Robin, Jim Robins, Vic Leipzig, and Janelle Sorenson.

Amigos de Bolsa Chica’s FLOW program hosted 643 students from 18 schools. Eight bus scholarships were awarded to qualifying schools that otherwise would not have been able to participate. We are grateful to the following Citizen Scientists who gave their time to the education component of the FLOW program: Adam Babcock. Bryce Barrera, Brian Barrera, Rick Beard, Franloie Cruz, Nancy Curtis, Annie Daw, Cheyenne Deleo, Elizabeth Deleo, Kim DiPasquale, Jerry Donohue, Roman Garcia, Sydney Gumz, Melissa Herikson, Judith Huck, Terry Jorris, Sarathi Kandekumbura, Jason Kuhn, Michael Lawrence, Jeanne Lepowsky, Gina Lumbrumo, Mark Mermudez, Chie Mizuno, Judith Moman, Kevin Montevideo, Daryth Morrisey, Tanya Murray, Bryce Perog, Thomas Pfeifer, Jim Robins, Jennifer Robins, Emiko Schwab, Bill Stern, Joana Tavares-Reager, Karen Thomas, Kevin Urgula, Eric Vargas, Tony Wong, Jonah Zeko.