Surprise Thank You Brunch for Jerry Donohue
By Jennifer Robins

Surprise brunch guests photoThe group assembled at Omlette Inn
to thank Jerry Donohue for his four
years as Amigos’ President.
Photo by Jim Robins.
Twenty-two Amigos de Bolsa Chica members surprised Jerry Donohue at a Brunch to thank him for serving as the President of Amigos de Bolsa Chica for four years. We met at the Omelette Inn Café on Edwards in Huntington Beach on May 20. Having been told a few of us were meeting there for some Amigos Education committee business, he was definitely surprised to see the crowd.

Following a lovely breakfast buffet, both long-time and newer members spoke about Jerry’s effect on thier lives. Jennifer Robins read a letter from Margaret Carlberg reminding everyone that Jerry became a member of the Amigos 37 years ago, and upon retirement became a model volunteer. Jennifer then talked about how Jerry encouraged her to go beyond what she thought would work for FLOW classes and the constraints of taking our programs to schools. Things always seem to work out and no one has ever been aware of the re-engineering behind the scenes.

Shirley Dettloff spoke of Jerry’s commitment to Amigos goals and integrity of our organization. Shirley and Jerry met with Huntington Beach city council members, State officials, people knowledgeable about the challenges for the Bolsa Chica Wetlands and members of other environmental organizations to keep the success of the Bolsa Chica restoration as focus of our dedication.

Daryth Morrissey talked about the years she and Jerry taught science at Vista View Middle School. After he retired, she realized that many adults who once attended Vista View still remember the impact Jerry had on them when they were his students. This honor inspired Daryth to take the Amigos docent training class and become an involved member of the Board of Directors.

Surprise brunch guests photoThomas Pfeifer, left, Jerry and Lori Donohue.
Photo by Jim Robins.
Joana Tavares came to Amigos de Bolsa Chica as a Curriculum Developer six years ago. She spoke about how she learned from Jerry how to be a better teacher as her career goals evolved from oceanographer to instructor at several community colleges to a PhD candidate at the University of California at Irvine. They worked together to create the FLOW program which helps the local community learn about the connection between the ocean and the wetlands and open our minds to the importance of phytoplankton to the ocean and the world.

Shirley and Jennifer presented Jerry with a framed print of a Black-crowned Night Heron by Thomas Anderson, a Thank You card signed by everyone, and a gift card to be used at a restaurant favorite of his and his wife, Lori. The event was a total success with everyone thanking Jerry and talking about the future of Amigos with Wetland Tours, FLOW Program, Speaker Series and wonderful times at the wetlands.