New Interpretative Panels Coming to Bolsa Chica Trails
By Jerry Donohue

We are getting close to the installation of 15 new interpretative panels at the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. These beautifully designed panels will highlight the great diversity that makes this location a hot spot for visitors and locals alike. Here are the topics that will be displayed on the panels:

1. Mosaic of Habitats - 5 different life zones at BCER
2. Echoes From the Past - Bolsa Chica’s first people
3. Mystery of the Cogged Stones
4. Lassos and Land Grants - Life on the mesa during the Rancho era
5. Gun Club
6. Ocean Connection - The value of restored ocean flow
7. Nursery for the Sea
8. Biological Motherlode - Great diversity of life
9. Disappearing - Coastal Sage Scrub clings to survival
10. Islands of Refuge - Artificial islands provide protection to young
11. Anatomy of a Bill - Similar to our Birds and Beaks program
12. Value of Mud and Muck - A buffet for living creatures
13. In Defense of the Coast - World War II, guns and bunkers
14. Black Gold - Standard Oil 1920’s
15. Protecting Our Natural Heritage - Restoration efforts

We will keep you informed when installation dates are confirmed. Along with the current panels in place, these new panels will enrich the visitor experience and each panel has a children’s section which sees the reserve from the eyes of a child.