The Amigos Support Proposition 3
By Mateo Crow

Prop 3 pie chartHow Prop 3 funds will be divided
On the statewide November ballot this fall you will be faced with Proposition 3, a water bond that funds watershed and water supply projects across the state, and we urge you to vote YES! Proposition 3 includes nearly $4 billion in conservation funding and would provide much-needed funding to advance a plethora of both the state’s natural resource objectives and our own goals for restoring and protecting the Bolsa Chica.

With a changing climate, more intense droughts, and increased demand on the state’s water resources, Proposition 3 ensures that we not only care for our water as a supply issue, but invest in the health of the watersheds, ecosystems, and open spaces.

As part of this restoration funding Proposition 3 includes $135 million to the State Coastal Conservancy for the protection and restoration of coastal watersheds, $280 million for the protection and acquisition of waterfowl habitat, $100 million for the Ocean Protection Council, as well as numerous other funds that could help fund our priorities. Financial support of this proportion doesn’t come along every year and Proposition 3 will ensure that we have sufficient funding to achieve our biggest conservation priorities and that California continues to demonstrate the environmental leadership it is known for globally.

Supporters for Proposition 3 come from a broad array of sectors, including water districts, business, agriculture, local government, and over 95 conservation groups ranging from regional non-profits like us all the way to national groups like the Nature Conservancy and National Wildlife Federation, demonstrating the importance of healthy watersheds and clean water quality to all of us. Never before have we had a bond that provides this much funding for our state’s watersheds while encouraging our water supply in a more sustainable direction.

Proposition 3 is not just desired but needed – funds from previous water bonds are almost completely allocated, and as the federal administration steps away from some its environmental funding programs, California must seize the moment to ensure we have sufficient conservation funding for the years to come.

Help us advance Amigos de Bolsa Chica’s goals by spreading the word to vote YES ON 3 in November. For more information or to contact the campaign please visit their website, and follow them on twitter @YesOnProp3, Instagram @YesOnProp3, and on Facebook.